Hi Karen,
I just wanted to email you to let you know how well little Mavis has settled in to her new home. She is such a confident and calm little character and we are all surprised at how well she has taken to her toilet training. So far she hasn't peed in the house at all. She is using the garden for number 2's as well. On the first day, she did a poo in the house but she knew to do it on the paper! Since then all her toileting has been happening outside! The first night at bedtime she only whined for about 10 minutes then settled herself down to sleep. Last night she didn't whine at all. She really is an absolute star! 
I can really tell that you have put a lot of time and hard work into the initial few months of her life and I wanted to thank you for that.
Many thanks
We got our lovely miniature schnauzer from Ferncliffe schnauzers very recently and she is amazing! Such good nature and a very very smart little puppy! Ferncliffe were very professional and knowledgeable all the way though and provided us with a great puppy information pack which has helped us so much! I can’t express how professional and knowledgeable they are and we can tell our puppy has come from such a great place! We were updated with pictures and videos throughout the puppies growing up.
Thankyou so much for our beautiful Mabel! I really believe that Ferncliffe Schnauzers breed the best of the best! 
Best wishes,
Becca, Matty and Mabel
Puppy is settling in over in Harrogate very, very well.  She has the best nature and is all I could have hoped for.  She is settled in her crate at night, she's making house training seem too easy and is fantastic with the children.  She is traveling well in the car and has been to football, school and the pet shop for a new ball and is unfazed by everything.  I remember Rick saying that she was inquisitive and a curious little thing so she is quite the handful in that regard, full of mischief as she becomes more confident.  She didn't eat too well for the first couple of days but is now doing much better.  Overall we are overjoyed with her.  Ferncliffe don't just breed dogs, they bring fulfilment and joy to families.  Thank you!!
We bought Syd from you, early April, and wanted to give you an update on him! He's been an amazing dog, albeit a bit clumsy. I'm sending some pictures, we entered him into a local dog show, judged by Eleanor Tomlinson (from Poldark) and he came second best in the puppy class, and first in the class that the judge most wanted to take home! My brothers were chuffed!
I'm also asking, if you're going to be having any litters at the end of this year/early next year, as me and my boyfriend are looking to be getting a new place; and have fallen in love with the breed, and your incredible service! Your dogs are definitely an asset to you.
Thanks once again,
It’s lovely to see that Ferncliffe Schnauzers are still in business and still producing fine Schnauzers.
You probably will not remember us – Ian and Jackie from Durham. We bought a gorgeous Schnauzer bitch from you in 2001. Her kennel name was Ferncliffe Helena – we know her as Ellie.
We moved to New Zealand in 2003 and (naturally) Ellie came with us. Fourteen years on, we’re still here, and Ellie, now 15 – 16 in October – is still with us. She’s a bit slower, deaf and just as cantankerous – how we love her!!
I thought you would like to know how much joy and companionship Ellie has brought into our lives.
We said it when we bought her, we just wanted to say it again, thank you for such a lovely dog.
 Thank you so much, I love the way you feature your puppies, shows you really care, and we like that, your puppies always arrive at our home looking for someone to play with, and we are always happy to oblige!
Hello Karen
Just wanted to let you know that Holly, our giant was 16 on 19 Dec. She is such a fantastic dog. I can't believe she is still here at her age.
She's still quite active, goes for a walk everyday, although bit wobbly on her back legs now, she has lost a few toes along the way, down to 1& 1/2 on one back foot. She still comes upstairs once a day for her morning cuddle!!!!
She is admired by everyone that meets her & is such a big part of mine & husbands life along with our families, they all love her to bits.
Here is a recent pic in her favourite place on the sofa!!
Merry Christmas
Hope you've had a great Christmas. I've attached a couple of new snaps of Barney, (making friends at the beach ;)) he's an absolute joy and he's completely made our family's Christmas!!
Dexter is doing really well, and is settled in. He's picked up toilet training really well, is sitting and shaking a paw, and has his first puppy training class on Wednesday. He seems to pick things up quickly. 
He's a big softie and loves a cuddle and a snooze, he's also slept in his crate every night quietly and not disturbed me once. 
Everyone he has met has fallen in love with him. 
Thanks a lot :)
Just thought we'd send a three week pupdate. Hicks is settling in to life in Blackpool very nicely. We've had the jabs and ordered the Land Rover lol! He's getting on well with the children and has met the boxer next door too. He learns quickly and has a very nice temperament. A fantastic addition to the family.
Hope you're all well.
Best regards,
Vitalija, David, Noah, Ged and Hicks.
I would like to say a very big thank you to Karen and Rick for Olly my puppy I picked up on 13th February 2015. He is a gorgeous Giant Schnauzer boy. He is an absolute delight!! So chilled and willing to listen. I'm certain his excellent temperament is down to his working background lineage.
I would thoroughly recommend Karen and Rick to anyone wanting a Giant or indeed a minature.
All the Best 
Paul Fox
Hi Karen and Rick,
He has settled in fabulously and is so easy- seems to be clever already, hope it's not the calm before the storm !! He is so chilled - you were right Karen...even the vet commented on it.
Thanks for all your help, speak soon .
Lorraine and Rob.
Dear Karen
  Good morning, please find attached a couple of pics showing Lucy
with two of our grandchildren. We have found her to be as good as gold (most
of the time). Thanks for everything Ray
Hi Karen, Ralph has come back from being cut and as you can see he looks so handsome. We could never have imagined such a well behaved dog with a fantastic temperament. Everyone is asking where we got him from so you may have a few phone calls. Hope you are both well


Many thanks

 Kerry, Neil and Ralph


We have a miniature schnauzer Tiamo born 8.9.10 at Ferncliffe.  She is the most loving and loved wee dog in the world. We are hoping to add to our family in November and hoped you would have a wee black schnauzer girl around then. I have attached a pic of our Tiamo enjoying her Xmas last year

“I have attached a photo of Ozzy and myself taken last weekend in the snow which he absolutely loves.  He is getting quite big now and is a real handful but I love him dearly.
Take care.

“I have to say that this dog has the most amazing temperament, and having met Gollie I must presume this is something that you have purposely bred into your dogs. She has lots of personality, she is so intelligent, but she is also a bit of a show off.....
All the best for 2009...
Jules & Tula”


“We have a Ferncliffe giant 'Sally' born 03.01.2004 and would be interested in a male puppy, Sally has a wonderful temperament, very calm, will the new puppies be of the same blood line.Sire: Ivan Ivanovich; Dam: Sine Que Non?”

“Onyx is doing well in her new life in Spain and after a bad couple of weeks at the start I think just adjusting to the heat etc she is doing great she get us up at seven every morning to go for her 6 or 7 mile run and knows when it is a Sunday and we go a bit further.  She almost tells us to remember her water bottle”
“Many thanks to both you and Rick for your time this afternoon. It was great meeting the dogs and very useful and informative talking to you both”

“First of all I want to thank you for your help and advice on this matter.  Following your last email I have contacted five local breeders of Schnauzers.  Three of them have bitches that they want to rehome so we are going to go and have a look at them.  Only one is house trained so I suspect that is the one we will have.  We are told she is very quiet and affectionate and walks on the lead so sounds ideal, we will see!

Sorry to have been such a bother to you.  Thank you again for your help.”
“I have tried to find some pics of Alfie for you.  He has developed into the most wonderful little dog, full of energy and personality.  We all adore him as does everyone he meets!!”

“Hello Karen,
               Thought i'd email you and let you know how Bert is getting on and send you some pics. Bert has quickly settled in and has made very good friends with my mums 2 labs, i think he sometimes think he's bigger than he is with the way he play fights with the big dogs ha. He's had his first groom today and i've sent you a pic. He now sits with me in my salon and is a very well natured dog and loves greeting all my clients and their dogs. He is a fantastic addition to the family all i can say is you breed excellent dogs and will highly recommend you.
Hope you are well

“Christmas Greetings!.........we are thoroughly enjoying our Lucy.   She is almost seven months old.  She has had a great Christmas…..SO MANY TOYS!!!!!  And, she now has a lovely rhinestone necklace for party-going!  (Bling!”
“To all those at Ferncliffe, with two legs or four,

Merry Christmas! I have not asked my family for any presents, because Tula is all I could ever ask for. Thanks again for letting me make her our very treasured pet.
From Julia and a very tired and happy Tula who has just walked about 8 miles from Southport this afternoon”

“Hello Karen and Rick,
Just a short message to let you know Charlie is well and still as beautiful as ever. He’s got bags of character.
I’ve attached a photo from our recent trip to Whitby. He was cold sat on the beach so borrowed Luca’s hoodie!
He is an amazing dog where the children are concerned and Dawn is desperate for him to have a playmate. We’re wondering whether Father Christmas might bring one! I might have to come and see you soon.

Hope you’re both well.

“Dear Karen & Rick,

Oschy = A Bundle of Black Fur and Mischief and yet he looks so sweet and innocent!

He is settling down now and has had his 2nd shots at the vets and started with the walks, going with us in the car in his own car seat harness.

Oschy seems to be able to understand when he needs to sit down on command and he also doing well with doing generally with poo’s and wee’s nearly all outside in the back yard, unless we have some newspaper down inside and then he tends to wee’s on that!.”

“Hi Karen. Congrats on your new litter! Did Biggles' last little yappy sister find a home in the end? I've often wondered about her. Biggles has a wonderful temperament and can be amazingly well behaved- if rather stubborn in his young teens- but is terrific fun. He just learnt to swim yesterday and can't get enough of it so here are a few pics to display his new found talent.”

Monty's mom here. Just a quick note to let you know Monty is now 9 months old and is absolutely wonderful :-*.
Everybody loves him and we are always getting stopped for people to chat and stroke with him.

We have even met Zuko who I believe is another ferncliffe pup who was born in March , he lives just down the road.
Monty's training is coming along well he has been through the I'm ignoring you stage, and is now listening well, wont's to play with every dog he meets!!

He has a lovely temperament ,loving and very gentle, he loves footballs and 'Towels':-D.

The cats still rule the roost though.”

“Hi Karen
Hope you like the before and after pictures of Truffle.  She's coming along tho' I don't think Cruft's Obedience is going to be an option.  She is well loved and admired and I've had several offers of homes if I ever wanted to part with her! 

Sunday evening walk.  This is a regular thing that happens every time we go out . It is ace to watch it happens three or four times on our walk. you need to stand still or Lola will run into you like a nutter .these two girls make any shit or good day even better love them to bits. do you have a photo of Millys grand puppies my mate Tracey asked, I said I will ask you next time I get in touch , like to see them myself . Derek”

“Hi karen,
its been a while since ive been intouch but with ralphs first birthday coming up i thought i'd drop you a line to let you know how he's getting on. He's very good to be honest and fitted into the family very well. The whole family went to York last weekend 22 of us together and everyone wants him, i didnt have to put him on his lead once,his temperment is fantastic and so is his personality he gets so many compliments when we are out and about, ive passed your details on to numerous people don't know if theyve been in touch with you or not. Even the groomer and the vet think he's very handsome and well bred. He had the snip back in January,to be honest he wasn't displaying bad behaviour or jumping on any one but i didnt want it to start so we had him done. I'l send you some pictures when i put them on my new computer.

regards Sonya & family”

“Hi, Karen/Rick, just to let you know that Obi is settling in very well, he and our Maltese twinkle are starting to get on better, the 1st few days were manic however he is going out for his toilet and has not made many mistakes after the first couple of days, doesn't like the cage but knows he wont get out by howling so he is quiet after about 5 minutes, he is also very affectionate and will sleep laid on someone's feet if we are watching TV, we are looking forward to walking him out and there are quite a few parks nearby 10 minutes by car and he loves  the car, We will let you know how he progresses and send you some pictures soon, bye for now, Ian & Sue”

“Hi Karen and Rick

Hope you are well and had a good Easter.
I've just been emailing recent photos of Oscar to my friends so I thought I'd send you a couple too!!
Oscar is fantastic! He has a great nature ( just as you said!). He's learning new tricks all the time and loves going for walks along the canal or in the park (especially when we let him off his lead!)
Everybody stops to admire him and ask what breed he is. He loves all the attention!

Anyway, we'll keep in touch and send you photos regularly”.


“Hi Karen, just a short update on Boris (we collected him on Monday this week)
He slept all night though on Monday, however yesterday evening he woke me on the hour every hour!!!
He is starting his toilet training well with 99% of business being done in the garden (he stayed clean all night last night despite crying for attention). He is a fantastic friend and is very good when awake and wants to cuddle up at every opportunity. We went to the vet yesterday and had his 1st injection.
What I am saying really is that all is well and as you can see he is even bonding with Fritz.
I will let you know how he is next week.
Best regards
Mark & Diane “


“Hi Karen

Just thought I'd let you know that Willow has settled in very and well and is already the 'boss'. She's eating well and playing even more followed by her collapsing in a heap to re-gain her energy.

She has a lovely nature which is obviously credit to Ferncliffe


“Thought I'd send some pics of the dog, he's settling in really well and everyone loves him to bits. Thanks again, rachel and family.”

“Dear Karen and Rick,
I thought I would send you these two photographs of 'Fliss', please feel free to use them if you want, she is 10 weeks old here. Five days to go and then she can go out proper, she is a bundle of energy, travels well in the car, in fact she is perfect !

Rita and I will keep in touch
Best Wishes
Brian & Rita”

“ Hi Karen,
Just thought I'd drop you a quick message to say Doolish is doing really well. She has settled in brilliantly and just seems completely unfazed by anything.
After our conversation when I came to collect her, we did decide to crate train her, and it's going really well - no problems putting her in at night or when I leave for work.
She is growing fast and her grey seems to be showing more every day. I've attached a couple of pics for you. It's hard to get a clear pic, she doesn't sit still for long!
Hope you are well and all the dogs are ok too”

“As Macey is 9 months old now and more than half way through her last batch of puppy good so could we please order 15 kg of the lamb and rice kibble as recommended by you.

About 2 weeks ago she was spayed and was pretty unhappy (definitely not Macey) for 3 or 4 days, but is now back to her usual self, perhaps with even more bounce than ever, but she still does not bark - probably much to our relief!!  She loves playing with other dogs and people and is a joy to own.  She has alreasdy been in kennels for three days and will shortly be having a longer stay as we go to Gran Canaria in the near future.”

“Hello Karen,

Just letting you know what a lovely dog big Zelda is turning out to be. Good natured and not a bad bone in her body. She is absolutely gorgeous and a as fit as can be. She loves life and can run like the wind as you will imagine!

Hope you are well.”


We took Dexter to the Vet's on monday and he passed with flying colours. The vet was impressed with his overall condition and his nature.

I attach for your perusal pics of the lad on his day 5 with us


“Hi Karen,

Well just look at them scoffing it down as if they were starved.  Good to see they are progressing so well.  The days are being ticked off on my calendar I can tell you.


We have already got the crate ready for the new arrivals and it is helping my recovery having that to aim for.  The other four don't know what is about to hit!!

Thank you for all these wonderful updates.”

Please can I order 1 x 15 kilo Lamb & Rice for Rosco
 I have attached a Super photo I took of Rosco the other day. Im sure
you will like it.”